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The Ferret Association of Connecticut, Inc. (FACT) is a non-profit, humane and educational 501(c)3 charitable organization founded in January, 1991. FACT is dedicated to helping ferret owners, caretakers, and most importantly, the ferrets themselves. Our belief that an educated, informed owner is better able to care for their pets, is supported by our activities and the information we strive to provide

FACT provides:

  • Ferret Shelter & Adoption Services
  • Placement & Behavioral Counseling
  • Multi Level Education
  • Care & Health Information
  • Permanent Care for the Displaced

We strive to provide information that improves a ferret's quality of life and that of their owner and celebrate the ferret-human bond. This site is dedicated to ferrets and to those who love and care for them for the sheer joy they bring to life.

FACT's Mira

Mira Ferret Picture from Tufts
Mira 6/97 - 6/03

Mira Ferret Picture on Purple
Mira's Story

Meet Our Petfinder Adoptable Ferrets!

FACT Ferretopia
Annual Show May 10, 2014

Sponsored by
Petco Foundation


March, 2014 e-News


Winter 2013 Store Flyer


Xavier - A Ferret Abroad
Website & Store

Xavier's Facebook Page

Xavier Group Activity Page


FACT's October, 2013
e-News Letter

Pardon if our "slip" is showing!
But Ferret Treasures and FACT are  moving.
We are in the middle of building new websites and are in the process of moving to it. Not everything is working quite right yet.
Not all of our products are moved in to 1 Ferrets Treasures as yet which is Part I. So if things don't work quite right, just
let us know.
We will have lots of capability when it all gets working properly and best of all will save FACT lots of $$$!!  So please bear with us during the moves!
Ferret Drawing
Ferret Treasures

FACT's Online Store
Painless Ways To Help

USE GoodSearch
Your web searches
Can Support Charity!
FACT is pleased we have been admitted to the 2012 Greater Hartford CFC as a member of Animal Welfare Fund.  

FACT- CFC Code: 40910
Albino Ferret
Fosters are winners!




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